Our Vision

Our mission is to help you suck the marrow out of (a long) life by eating more plants.

We believe that dietary change is never too late; that, in fact, it’s our “middle-years” that are optimal for self re-invention and personal growth.

Every ten years we evolve. Changing how you fuel will step you closer to who you choose to be now – a thriving, happy woman over 40 in the best health of her life. A woman who has the energy to achieve exactly what she knows she wants and is committed to getting it.

The first half was a practice M’dear. It’s time to get you on the path to the spoils.

Gabrielle Olga

Boss Lady

A voracious doer, I’m usually planning my next thing while a heap of plates are still spinning in mid-air. I’m a total glutton for everything life has to offer and overcommitting myself is my archilles heel. People call me “flaky” because I’m always flitting to the next flower, but this weakness is also one of my biggest strengths.

My “flakiness” lead me to becoming plant-based a long time ago which still stands as one of the best decisions I ever made.

I’m certified in Plant Based Nutrition by Cornell University. And because I’m a learning junkie, I’m also a certified Holistic Health Coach, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, and NLP Specialist. I’m in training at the moment for my next thing! ?


Nerd / Food Critic / Guinea Pig

On-site tech support and cheerleader. You should see me in my pom-pom outfit. In my capacity as long-suffering recipe tester I eat all the recipes that never make it onto this site, so you don’t have to.

When I’m not being a guinea pig I’m usually mostly plant-based. I’m a real garbage guts though, with a soft spot (shut up) for chips and chocolate and pizza and… excuse me, I’ll be right back.

My favourite thing in the whole world is when Gab starts conversations with me from the other side of the house. Beardoooooo…

Lisa Hayes

Office Manager

My role is to assist the Plant Body team with their admin needs. I’m a full-time Nomad so I am homeless by choice ? You can find me … somewhere in the world (as long as it has wifi).

Food allergies keep me on my toes as I have Coeliac Disease so some days are challenging when I need to eat gluten free but also want to eat plant based. I never let it stop me though.

Now I’m off into the 3 degrees day to explore a little more of Vienna.

Amber Asakura

Food Photographer

I started exploring veganism way back in 2007 in hopes it would help with some weird health issues I was having. Some things got slightly better, but I kept wondering why I still felt like crap. (Hint: I was living off of sugar, french fries, and processed vegan junk food.)

I eventually discovered the magical power of plants and eating real food, and here I am, a whole lot happier and healthier. (Trust me, I still love a good slice of vegan pizza or a pile of vegan nachos now and then! Progress over perfection!)

When I’m not making food, eating food, or taking pictures of food, I’m probably running, going on an outdoor adventure with my husband, or snuggling with my four kitties.


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