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Find freedom at the end of your fork.

Create Your Healthiest Self

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3 Steps To Plant-Based Weight-Loss

For almost 15 years, Plant Body Solution has been helping women achieve their health goals by switching to a plant-based lifestyle.

1. Crowd Out

Focus on adding in whole, plant-based ingredients to crowd out animals foods.

2. Follow a Plan

Create a meal plan that’s nutritionally dense and calorically light.

3. Track & Measure

 Make friends with data to track your progress and realise your success!

3-Day Taste Bud Reset

The fastest way to kill off unhealthy food addictions and love the taste of whole plant-based fuel, in three simple steps:

  • Foundation, helps you lay the groundwork for a successful Reset.
  • Fast, will reset your taste buds back to a place where healthy food tastes amazing.
  • Flourish, helps you avoid stepping right back into old bad habits.

It’s easy to eat healthy when healthy food tastes great!


No Boring, Long-Winded Stories. Just Delicious Plant-Based Recipes.

Hi, I’m Gab!

I teach women the successful action steps for crowding out animal foods, creating healthy plant-based meals, and using data to measure their health and body transformation so that they know they’re on the right track.


What @PlantBods Are Saying

“I have halved my blood pressure medications and my goiter on my thyroid has reduced significantly in size!”

Marilyn S.

“I don’t know if you realise this but you have changed my life and I am healthier, fitter and a better person because you came into my life. Thank you xx.”

Lara D.

“I’ve lost 14 kilos and my BMI is now normal. My cholesterol went back to normal in 6 weeks. My health has never ever been better!”

Heather S.

And it’s not only about us.

We also care about our planet. Together we have made a powerful impact:


By simply choosing to not consume meat we’ve saved in excess of 20,000 animal lives (and counting!)


By making informed food choices we’ve saved way more than 200,000 tons of carbon emissions – enough to drive around Australia more than 75 times!


By making conscious food choices we’ve prevented the use of more than 94 million liters of water. That’s enough to completely fill 37 Olympic-sized swimming pools.